How Do I Write a Legacy Letter?

When you work with me, either in a Group Workshop or Individual Coaching sessions to write your Legacy Letter, we begin with exercises from a Workbook published by Celebrations of Life.  These exercises help you get your thoughts down on paper.  By completing the Workbook, you will have material to write your first draft.  We will then follow an iterative process of reflecting, revising, editing, and polishing.  If you are using photos in your Legacy Letter, they will be scanned.  The final steps include formatting, approving a final proof, and printing your Legacy Letter. 

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When Do I Write a Legacy Letter?

Your Legacy Letter can help celebrate a milestone event such as a birth, marriage, anniversary, graduation, birthday, family reunion, special holiday.  Some other times might include a transition or turning point, a challenging event or situation, a loss or illness.  You can  write a Legacy Letter at any time, for any reason, and my suggestion is the sooner the better!  

As I was approaching a milestone birthday, I wrote a Legacy Letter to my 26-year-old daughter.   My plan is to expand it as our lives change.  Yet we all know that life can change on a dime, and there is something very comforting in knowing that she will always have this letter from her mother.


What Is a Legacy Letter?

A Legacy Letter, also called an Ethical Will, is a non-legal, non-binding document that shares who you are - your values, faith, beliefs, life lessons, wisdom, love, gratitude, forgiveness, explanations, thoughts, wishes,  hopes.  Just as your Last Will and Testament addresses your tangible, financial assets, a Legacy Letter addresses your non-tangible, from-the-heart assets.  It bequeaths values rather than valuables. 

A Legacy Letter can be as short as a paragraph or as long as a book.  It can be handwritten or printed. 
It can be simple or elaborate.  Whatever length or format, your Legacy Letter will most certainly become a cherished keepsake for those you love today and future generations you may never meet. 

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Legacy Letters

My name is Katrina Solomon.  As a Certified Legacy Navigator*, it is
my privilege and pleasure to help you share your life lessons and document how you want to be remembered.   

I can work with you to create a Legacy Letter, sometimes called an Ethical Will, that shares your values, beliefs, life lessons and hopes with family and future generations.  [See sample below.] 

A Legacy Letter is typically between two and ten pages, although it can be as short as a paragraph or as long as a book.  Whatever length or format, your Legacy Letter will most certainly become a cherished keepsake!

A Personal Legacy

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