Can You Name Your Great-Grandparents?

Can you name your great-grandparents?  All eight of them?   The answer for most of us is a perplexed "no."  On average, we can name only two or three.  Two or three of our eight great-grandparents!    Will your great-grandchildren know your name?

The Power of Legacy

Research shows us that:

  • Children who know family stories and values have higher self-esteem and are better prepared to handle the ups and downs of life.
  • Engaging in life reflection during difficult times results in greater resiliency and hope.
  • Understanding our stories, values, and passions helps us live with greater purpose and intent.
  • Humans have an innate desire to share wisdom and create generational connections.

Does the research resonate?  If so, this is the perfect time to begin writing your Legacy Letter!


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Why Create a Legacy?

As humans, we are the only species capable of personal transcendence - the knowledge that life continues beyond our own lives.  A legacy provides an opportunity to share our wisdom, knowledge and wishes with loved ones, friends, and future generations.  Your legacy explores how you will be remembered - and why.

When a legacy sheds light on the why, extraordinary  connections can be documented and honored.  For example, a never-married-woman can explain the history and family significance of furniture she is leaving to her nieces and nephews.  A couple can explain their heartfelt stories for setting up a foundation or trust.  A father can introduce himself to his yet unborn great-grandchildren and explain why he hopes they will read a book that was particularly meaningful to him.  The power of legacy, and articulating how you want to be remembered, is boundless.   

                Legacy and How You Want To Be Remembered


My name is Katrina Solomon.  As a Certified Legacy Navigator*, it is
my privilege and pleasure to help you share your life lessons and document how you want to be remembered.   

I can work with you to create a Legacy Letter, sometimes called an Ethical Will, that shares your values, beliefs, life lessons and hopes with family and future generations.  [See sample below.] 

A Legacy Letter is typically between two and ten pages, although it can be as short as a paragraph or as long as a book.  Whatever length or format, your Legacy Letter will most certainly become a cherished keepsake!

A Personal Legacy

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