One-on-One Coaching  

Katrina works with individual clients to help develop a first draft, edit a final draft, and/or print your Legacy Letter.  There are numerous meeting options - the most popular are  50 or 90 minute sessions.  A simple Legacy Letter typically takes 3-5 sessions to complete.  Single appointments and discounted packages are available.  One-on-one coaching can be in person, on the phone, or online with a program such as Skype. 

To schedule a free consultation call  336.339.3275 or

Group Workshops 

Katrina facilitates a 3-session writing workshop, Creating a Legacy Letter, at her location or yours.  By the end of the 3rd session, participants will have a first draft of a Legacy Letter.  Each session is 2 hours long.  Customized workshops are also available. 

Introductory Presentations

Katrina is happy to present "An Introduction to Legacy Letters" to your group or organization.  This interactive presentation includes an overview of legacy, an explanation of Legacy Letters, and several short exercises.  It can be tailored to 30-minute, 45-minute, or 1 hour time slots. 

Writing, Editing, Publishing

Katrina has a strong writing and editing background, so she is able to provide a variety of services.  If you prefer speaking to writing, she can record and transcribe your thoughts, then work with you to craft them into a written document.  If you already have a written document and want to polish it, she can make suggestions for revisions.  If you want to add photographs, she can help with scanning and layout.  And finally, if you prefer a reflection book or other format instead of a "letter," she offers numerous options.


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                              About Katrina and Offerings


About Katrina

After exploring various facets of legacy, Katrina became a Certified Legacy Navigator* in 2015. 
Prior to founding A Personal Legacy, she was a professional organizer and clutter coach for 15 years.  Katrina has also held marketing, staff, and management roles at IBM and was a stay-at-home mom for several years.  Her three books, The Big Rocks First, How My Dishwasher Turned into a Lexus, and Multitasking Makes You Stupid, are available on  Katrina lives in Greensboro, NC. 

Call Katrina at 336.339.3275 or email her at with questions, comments, or just to chat. 


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*Certified Legacy Navigator is a registered trademark of Celebrations of Life. 
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My name is Katrina Solomon.  As a Certified Legacy Navigator*, it is
my privilege and pleasure to help you share your life lessons and document how you want to be remembered.   

I can work with you to create a Legacy Letter, sometimes called an Ethical Will, that shares your values, beliefs, life lessons and hopes with family and future generations.  [See sample below.] 

A Legacy Letter is typically between two and ten pages, although it can be as short as a paragraph or as long as a book.  Whatever length or format, your Legacy Letter will most certainly become a cherished keepsake!

A Personal Legacy

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